Black Friday 2018



Black Friday Sale - A day of jaw-dropping discounts on Lesara!

It’s that time of the year again: prepare for an autumn extravaganza, as we celebrate Black Friday at Lesara! Deal hunters and discount lovers, mark this red-letter day on your calendars because you just don’t want to miss our crazy offers! From dazzling jewellery gifts and the latest tech gadgets, to the hottest cheap clothing trends – there’s something for everyone! Shower your loved ones with the choicest gifts, and thanks to our amazing prices, you’re left with more than enough to pamper yourself as well. The hunt for the best Christmas presents is now on!

What is Black Friday?

This shopping phenomenon is the period when retailers achieve their highest profits, offering shopping lovers special discounts & incredibly low prices. The first Friday after Thanksgiving in the USA has been celebrated as the unofficial beginning of the Christmas season since the early 20s, but it wasn't until the 60s that the term "Black Friday" began to be used by stores to offer enormous offers and discounts. People even began extending leave or calling in sick on Thanksgiving to get a four-day weekend. Since stores were open on the Friday, many people would use it to start their Christmas shopping. Due to this growing trend, many businesses started making the Friday an official paid holiday.

Cyber Monday is on 27th November!

Did you know that the Monday following Black Friday is known as Cyber Monday? This day follows the same traditions, offering unbeatable deals if you hadn't already found one during that weekend! Take a look at the incredible offers we have in our Cyber Monday Sale, and start your week with a bargain!

When is Black Friday 2018?

This year it occurs on November 23th, 2018. But why is it so popular here? Well, you’re guaranteed to find the best deals, allowing you to stretch your holiday shopping money even more! This shopping phenomenon has become a huge part of our European culture, and sends shopping lovers into a frenzy! During this period of the year, the first waves of Christmas shoppers hit the high streets and surf online shops for cheap Christmas gifts & decorations, in time for yuletide.

    Save the date! Black Friday Sales on Lesara:

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  • Black Friday 2023 ▶ 24. November 2023

Where did the name come from?

There are no clear answers! The name, ‘Black Friday’ originally referred to a financial crisis when stock markets crashed in the US on Friday, Sep 24, 1869. The UK had its own version on May 11, 1866, but this still never got us any closer to the truth of its origins.

There are several myths & theories surrounding the name – three of which are discussed below:

  • Theory 1: Profits back in the day were recorded in black ink and losses in red. Owing to the top sales on this day of the year, traders were believed to make huge gains and finally move from ‘red’ to ‘black’.

  • Theory 2: Because retailers make so much profit on that day, their hands stand the chance to turn black from counting all the money!

  • Theory 3: The large number of people on the move resembles a black mass from a distance.

Black Friday Online Shopping in the UK

Like Halloween, Black Friday is now celebrated throughout the UK. In the US, most high-street stores have sales, whereas in the UK and most of Europe, online shops are the biggest players. Online retail juggernauts offer their customers countless specials. So, what can you expect? Well, brands tend to remain fairly quiet about what products are on offer, but generally you can look forward to great deals on everything, from electronics to clothing & beauty products. It's no different at Lesara: our Black Friday Sale offers the latest fashion, tech & lifestyle trends, jewellery & home accessories at unbeatable prices. Every year in November there is a sale, with the mantra: save, save & save some more!

Fun Fact:

In the UK the day didn't exist until 2010, and it wasn’t until 2013 when retail giant, Asda introduced one of the first Black Friday UK events that resembled the American version. The start of the sales in the UK was marked by chaos, with crowds surging into shops and making huge purchases online. Today, however, it’s mostly an online affair as bargain-hungry shoppers prefer not to venture out and brave the crowds, and enjoy their retail therapy from the comforts of their own homes.

Big Black Friday Sale!

The day has been in the US a holiday for many years, where millions of bargain-hunting Americans flock the shops. Our sale is just as exciting and brings you crazy discounts & special offers that you just can’t miss! Spare the stress and struggle of wading through the maddening crowds and snuggle up in your bed or couch, and discover our latest offers across various categories such as:

  • Stylish cheap dresses
  • Affordable accessories for him<
  • Discounted home accessories
  • Lifestyle gadgets

Did you know:

Consumer lawyers rightly warn customers that many online shops hike the discounts artificially. With Lesara’s online shop you don’t run this risk. You can sit back and rely on one of the most popular online stores and enjoy rewards in the form of great offers.

One look at our special deals on Lesara and you’ll know that it’s totally worth it! And remember, all discounts & offers are available for a short time only – you’ll have to wait a whole year before you can get your hands on our insane offers again! Affordable online shopping has never been easier!

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